The fuel pump of the distribution type.

fuel pumpThe fuel pump is used for pumping fuel from the fuel tank by a fuel line to the mixing device. In the earlier vehicle fuel pump was located outside the fuel tank and it could be replaced. Today, more modern cars have a fuel pump located in a tank in the composition unit.

In addition to the pump in the unit are also located the fuel strainer and fuel level sensor. This arrangement made it possible to achieve better cleaning of fuel and greater compactness of all devices. However, most often in damage of something one you have to change the whole set of the block.

Fuel pump of the distributor type due to small overall dimensions located between the engine and the cab. It is attached to the lid of the gear drive. A gear drive arrangement for the rear end face due to the desire to reduce unwanted distortion valve mechanism kinematics, including timing, because of crankshaft of torsional vibrations.

In a single unit with the fuel pump all-mode mechanical centrifugal direct control, automatic centrifugal clutch change angle fuel injection timing and the fuel pump are made.